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By Sachidanand Jha

•100 2nd CAD Exercises.
•50 3D CAD Exercises.
•Each workout might be designed on any CAD software program similar to AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Catia, PTC Creo Parametric, Siemens NX, Autodesk Inventor and other.
•These workouts are designed that will help you attempt out your simple CAD skills.
•Each workout will be assigned individually.
•No workout is a prerequisite for another.

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There have been many attempts at predicting the shear angle theoretically, without relying on metal cutting experiments. Some of the most fundamental models, which assume a perfect rigid plastic workpiece material without any strain hardening, are briefly presented in this section. These models assume that the shear plane is thin, that the shear stress in the shear plane is equivalent to the yield shear stress of the material, and that the average friction is found from friction tests between the tool and workpiece materials, leaving only the shear angle as unknown.

The values for the integration limits z j,1 and z j,2 are taken from the cases 0 dFr,0 X p dF r,1 dFt,1 46 MECHANICS OF METAL CUTTING listed above substituted into Eq. 94), and the resulting expressions can be further simplified for an efficient computation in computer programs. Note that, to use the expressions, flute j = 0 must be aligned at φ = 0 in the beginning of the algorithm. The remaining flutes must be indexed ( j = 1, 2, . . , N − 1) from the reference tooth at pitch angle (φp ) intervals.

The rotational workpiece is held in a chuck, which is bolted to the spindle, and a single-point cutting tool is attached to a tool post. 9: A profile CNC turning operation with a carbide ing operation is used to machine tool. Source: Mitsubishi Materials Corp. cylindrical parts (see Fig. 9). When the workpiece is long and heavy, its two ends are held by the chuck and the center of the tail stock, respectively. The tool post is held on the top of a carriage, which has motions along the axis between the spindle and tail stock centers and is perpendicular to this axis.

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