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Shaped in October 1943, the 479th FG claimed a magnificent historical past opposed to the Luftwaffe throughout the ultimate 12 months of the warfare. initially flying P-38s, the 479th's pilots had a fierce satisfaction of fingers. They earned a Presidential special Unit quotation within the overdue summer time of 1944 and have been additionally credited with the USAAF's first German jet kill in July 1944. finally transitioning to the P-51D in September 1944, the 479th excelled with the Mustang. The 479th FG was once credited with scoring the final aerial victory claimed by way of the 8th Air Force's VIII Fighter Command, on 25 April 1945. by means of VE-Day, 29 pilots flying within the workforce had earned ace prestige.

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One of the things that he said was that erman pilots universally disdained the P-38. The audience meekly allowed the distinguished old gentleman to continue his attacks, except For one dominating figure who rose and stalked out of rhe hall. BeFore he reached the door, Robin Olds held up one hand with Four fingers and a thumb outstretched and boomed in his commanding voice, 'I know five German who had respect For the P-38'. 73 UJ > a:: UJ ICl.. « I u turns 1 was in a position to fire at an Me 109.

The day didn't look roo bad as we rook off, but once we headed out over the sea cloud starred ro build up ahead. By the time we had idenrifled the wing of B-24s we were ro escorr, great stacks of cumulus rose three ro four miles high from the ground. Every now and then the Liberarors would disappear from view, and for safery we had ro dodge around or over the mass of clouds. Conrrails persisted and the vapours turned ro rime ice as we cut through. About 1315 hrs a great fronr rowered up ahead. I didn't like the look of those white billows, but it was so high we had lirrle choice other than ro plunge through if we were not ro lose the bombers.

7. A 435th FS P-51 D is refuelled shortly after the unit converted onto the type in September 1944. 5 with the P-51 (Tabatt collectionI Capt Harold F 'Bud' Grenning of the 434th FS scored three victories in the Lightning - two strafing kills on 18 August and a Bf 109 shot down on 26 September. Sat in the cockpit of his P-51D 44-14393, Grenning served with the 479th from January to November 1944 (Grenning) 71 a: Another 434th FS pilot who heaped praise on the Lightning was Lt Harold F 'Bud' Grenning.

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