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By Sherman Hollar

Describes the actual features of bactera, algae and protozoa, and some of the scientific and commercial makes use of of bacteria.

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36 the ImPortAnce, dAngers, And uses of BActerIA Bacteria in Industry, Medicine, and Agriculture Fermentation is also important to the chemical industry. Because they can be grown quickly and in vast quantities, bacterial cells are used as miniature chemical factories, producing a wide range of substances— some of which can only be produced by bacteria. The solvents butyl alcohol (used in lacquers) and acetone are formed by Clostridium bacteria. A Lactobacillus species makes lactic acid from corn starch or whey.

His discovery of penicillin greatly reduced the death rate from wounds in World War II. Fleming was studying deadly bacteria in 1928 when he made his dramatic discovery. ” However, it was fortune combined with a gift for scientific observation and a genius for research. For examination purposes Fleming had removed the cover of the bacteria culture plate with which he was working. A mold formed on the exposed culture. A less gifted scientist would have thrown away the accidentally contaminated culture.

42 the ImPortAnce, dAngers, And uses of BActerIA Louis Pasteur and the Germ Theory In 1854 French chemist and microbiologist Louis Pasteur became professor of chemistry and dean of the school of science (Faculté des Sciences) at the University of Lille. Hearing of Pasteur’s scientific ability, a local distiller came to him for help in controlling the process of making alcohol by fermenting beet sugar. Pasteur saw that fermentation was not a simple chemical reaction but took place only in the presence of living organisms.

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