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By Stephen J. Whitfield

A spouse to 20th-Century the United States is an authoritative survey of crucial themes and subject matters of twentieth-century American heritage and historiography. includes 29 unique essays via prime students, every one assessing the previous and present nation of yankee scholarship contains thematic essays protecting issues reminiscent of faith, ethnicity, conservatism, overseas coverage, and the media, in addition to essays masking significant time sessions Identifies and discusses the main influential literature within the box, and indicates new avenues of study, because the century has attracted to a detailed

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About 5,000 suspected radicals were eventually imprisoned for months without trial, and hundreds of immigrants were summarily deported. Prominent judges and legal scholars protested the Wilson administration’s abuse of constitutional rights. ’’ The movement for prohibition of alcohol dated back to the temperance crusade of the nineteenth century, but it gained popularity after 1900 as a reform panacea. Businessmen expected that prohibition would increase labor productivity; social workers hoped it would reduce poverty and family violence; progressives believed it would hasten the assimilation of immigrants.

Potential aggressors would be deterred by the international community’s united stance against them. Some historians dismiss Wilson’s ‘‘collective security’’ plan as hopelessly idealistic, but others applaud his devotion to building a lasting peace through international cooperation (Kennan 1951; Osgood 1953; Link 1979; Clements 1987; Knock 1992). Trouble began for Wilson’s peace when the war ended on November 11, 1918. Germany requested a conditional armistice based on the Fourteen Points, and the Allies accepted it under pressure from Wilson.

Half a million black sharecroppers left the rural South for the urban North during the Great War, and another million followed in the 1920s. Locked in a cycle of debt and poverty, terrorized by lynch mobs, many southern blacks were eager to start new lives in the North. The migrants still encountered racist hostility in northern cities, where they were forced to live in crowded ghettos and work for low wages in menial jobs. But at least they escaped the indignities of Jim Crow segregation, and black men even gained the right to vote by moving north.

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