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During this groundbreaking e-book, Knight indicates how the Qabalah and its simple diagram, the Tree of existence, is a process of relationships between mystical symbols that may be used to achieve entry to the hidden reaches of the brain. He additionally demonstrates how the Qabalah is acceptable to all mystical traditions and spiritual ideals, together with Christian mysticism, Greek, Egyptian and Celtic mythologies, or even local American ideals. it truly is certainly symbolic of our common look for the Divine. integrated listed below are books in a single. the 1st compares the Western secret culture with the jap method of yoga, analyzes the Tree of existence in complete aspect, and describes the sensible program and theories of Qabalistic symbolism. the second one offers the main accomplished research ever released of the twenty-two 'Paths of hid Glory' that subscribe to the Spheres of the Tree of lifestyles making an allowance for the Hebrew alphabet, astrological symptoms, and tarot trumps. a wide part explores the background of tarot layout and the various platforms of correspondence with the Tree of existence.

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But Hod is no more a Sephirah only of barren reason then Netzach is of weak sentimentality-it is only perverted human nature that makes it sometimes appear so. So just as there is the lithe, hard splendour and the power of the 28th Path so is there the. expanding of consciousness in the light of Pure Reason on the 30th Path. It is essentially a Path of Light -SunLight -the Light of the whole concourse of Solar Logoi throughout Cosmic Space - hence, Light in Extension. 14. There is a further range of powers upon this Path of vast implication which is suggested by the Magical Image of Hod-s-the Hermaphrodite.

The shape of the letter Peh suggests a mouth and the y od like. shape inside may be considered as the tongue, which formulates the Word in action, or else as the Word itself. The shell of the mouth is represented by a shape like the letter Kaph, which also appeared on the 32nd Path as the scarf enwrapping the figure of the soul or Spirit on ·the Tarot Trump, The Universe. The higher meanings of the letter Kaph are a part of the 21st Path which joins Chesed to N etzach, that channel between Individuality .

The •. forcesof Life, Light and Love upon the young human race. an enclosure, the ·limitation which is a protection, the cultivated growth within a garden which is sealed off from wild nature. This has its. onaCosmic level, for it is by limitation only that growth can be attained. limited; it is not omniscient and cannot be during his early growth. This is perhaps just as well, as was hinted by Our Lord when He said: "I have yet many things to say unto you. " (John. xvi. 12) 11. mind, to Hod, is a Path on which great wisdom can' be attained, for Hod is the means of 53 contactwith the Greater Beings of evolution concerned with teaching- Socrates, Hermes, Merlin, Buddha and the like, whose main sphere of influence is in Chesed.

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