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By Delinda Jasper

Ellie loves her place of birth, activity, and ally Jake. yet Jake is a women guy that may by no means quiet down. Ellie cannot stand to determine him with different ladies anymore, so she is packing up and leaving Cedar Grove and every little thing she likes to begin over. an evening of unforeseen ardour makes her begin to imagine perhaps issues can determine among them, until eventually she occurs upon a mystery Jake has been maintaining for greater than a yr. Will their friendship be without end torn aside? Or will Ellie discover a cause to Stay?
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Don’t do it, they cried. He was just being comforting. It was just a kiss. It didn’t mean anything to him. But Ellie was beyond listening. It didn’t matter anymore if it was just a kiss, if it didn’t mean anything to him. She’d tasted a tiny bit of him, and she wanted, no, she needed more. Friendship be damned! It was probable that once they parted company tomorrow their friendship would be doomed anyway. Oh, they might call occasionally; maybe he would come to visit once or twice. But then they would get busy, and it would fade out.

As much as he wanted to, he couldn’t stay in his jeans without causing Ellie to wonder why. And knowing Ellie, she would start asking questions he couldn’t answer. Without saying a word, Jake dropped the DVD case onto the coffee table and went upstairs to change. Maybe he would just say he was cold and keep a blanket over his lap all night. **** Empty Chinese food cartons and beer and wine cooler bottles littered the coffee table. Jake drained the last of his beer and added it to the others. He started to get up to get another, but decided against it.

She realized she wasn’t lying with her head on his chest anymore, but on her side with Jake molded to her back. His heat seeped into her. Every inch of her backside, from her shoulders to her heels, was in direct contact with warm male flesh. One arm was under her head, the other thrown possessively over her waist, its hand cupping one of her breasts. His warmth was so inviting and delicious she couldn’t help cuddling closer. Emotions warred within her. What had happened? Oh, she knew what had happened, her body still held evidence of it.

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