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By Garrick Mallery (auth.), D. Jean Umiker-Sebeok, Thomas A. Sebeok (eds.)

1. THE SEMIOTIC personality OF ABORIGINAL signal LANGUAGES In our tradition, language, specially in its spoken manifestation, is the a lot vaunted hallmark of humanity, the diagnostic trait of guy that has made attainable the production of a civilization unknown to the other terrestrial organism. via our inheritance of a /aculte du langage, tradition is in a feeling bred inta guy. And but, language is seen as a strength wh ich can ruin us via its strength for objectification and type. in accordance with well known mythology, the naming of the animals of Eden, whereas giving Adam and Eve a undeniable energy over nature, additionally destroyed the prelinguistic concord among them and the remainder of the wildlife and contributed to their eventual expulsion from paradise. Later, the post-Babel improvement of various language households remoted guy from guy as weIl as from nature (Steiner 1975). Language, in different phrases, because the critical strength animating human tradition, is either our salvation and damnation. Our consistent battle with phrases (Shands 1971) is waged on either inner and exterior battlegrounds. This culturally made up our minds ambivalence towards language is especially appar­ ent once we stumble upon people or hominoid animals who, for one cause or one other, needs to rely on gestural varieties of communication.

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Simply make a circle with the forefingers of both hands. ) The round disko 5. ) 6. Bring both hands simultaneously from a position in front of the body, fingers extended and joined, palms down one above the other, forearms horizontal, in a circularly separating manner to their respective sides, palms up and forearms horizontal; i. ) 7. Both hands raised in front of and a little higher than the head, fingers of both hands horizontal, extended, and meeting at the tips, palms of hands downward, and arms bowed; open up the hands with fingers perpendicular, and at once carry the arms out to their fuIl extent to the sides of the body, bringing the palms up.

Think 01' guess is also diversely indieate~. Sometimes the forefinger is simply drawn sharply across the breast from left to right. ) Some hit tho ehest with closed fist, thumb over the fist. Again, the right fist is held with the tlmmb between the eyes and propelled front and downward. We, for show of thought, rest the forefinger on the forehead. 'l'here i8 also a le88 intelligible sign, in whidl the l'ight hand, fingers and thumb loosely dosed, index crooked and SIGN LANGUAGE 31 slightly oxtended, is dipped over toward and suddenly forward from the left shoulder.

RICHARD 1. , relating to his large experience with the Indians of the prairies. 19. A list contributed by Rev. G. L. DEFFENBAUGH, of Lapwai, Idnho, giving ·signs obtained at Kamiah, and used by the Sahaptin or Nez PerCE~s. 20. Information obtained by Dr. W. J. he present writer, from NATSHES, a Pah-Ute chief, who was one of adelegation of that tribe to Washington, in January, 1880. 21. Information from Major J. M. HAWORTH, special agent of the Indian Bureau, relating to the Comanches. The adjunction to the descriptions of the name of the particular author, contributor, or person from whom they are severally taken (a plan which will be pursued in the final publication) not only furnishes evidence ot authenticity, but indicates the locality and time of observation.

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