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The Sports Record We went one day to a row of small shops that was once a row of cottages, the ground floors now part of the shops and the upstairs now the living quarters. Well, as a water supply was needed in this particular set of living quarters and the supply was at the back of one of these shops, the task in hand was to make a connection there and to pipe it to the required point upstairs. We piped through the shop and arrived at a point where we needed to pass through the ceiling. Now normally it was best to take the pipes below the floorboards, so if the room had furniture in it you had to juggle the various items out of the way to pull up either a carpet or an oilcloth, which most houses had in those days.

The erection of a sectional boiler was a very interesting process to watch; it needed clear thinking as to what you were doing and a great amount of patience. The sections came in various sizes according to the output you required – the larger the boiler the more difficult it was to handle, not only because of the weight but because the waterways were joined together at each section by nipples – no not those kind! They were cast-ground with a slight lead on each side and were placed in the required waterways, which, of course, were machine-ground to suit the nipples.

The Pink Bloomers I was on one job with a plumber installing domestic central heating, still in the black iron pipe days, and the bottom loop had to be taken beneath the wooden floors. Now you cannot draw lengths of black iron pipe under floors; they have to be cut to suitable lengths, so the procedure was the same as it is today. The first task was to cut a trap in the wooden floor between the joists, and then survey beneath for parting walls – honeycombed supporting walls for the joists and floor.

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