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By Jim Oaten

Dodging down back-alleys in bomb-torn Beirut. Wheeling earlier God and site visitors in Mombassa, Kenya. Slipping round the edges of Alzheime's affliction, the Gulf battle, and the eternity of CNN.

Set someplace among the following and the heat-death of the universe, Jim Oaten's debut assortment serves up random samples of literal and literary fact scooped up at most sensible velocity. no matter if peeking out from the backseat of mother and Dad's motor vehicle or surveying the dirty wings of psychological wards, Accelerated Paces hurdles that uneasy terrain among artistic truth and sincere fiction. those brief tales and items forget about borders as they jaunt thorough exterior journeys and inner voyages.

This is either artistic non-fiction and inventive fiction, which follows the belief of crossing obstacles and blurring borders. This assortment is an specific demonstration of ways the 2 genres interaction, of ways a non-fiction occasion can motivate a fictional piece, and, apparently adequate, the opposite as well.

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I touch her. “Hi, Mom,” I say. “BobBobBob …” she starts, stuttering out my father’s name. About twenty minutes is all I can take. When I visit. Twenty minutes of feeding her grapes, seeing her stare, and ducking the slaps and scratches that slash out for no reason. And of watching the Alzheimer’s, the disease that’s ravaged my mother for the last six years, and learning once again that, in the end, what it finally takes away is you. After a while, all that’s left is a familiar skin encasing something alien.

You have a chemical imbalance. ” “But why can’t I think? ” “It’s part of the same thing. Your concentration is slow. And you can think. ” I look up at the painting on the wall opposite me. A woman in a ditch. Nice dress. “The drowning of Ophelia. ” “Very good. ” The doctor made a note in his pad and looked back up at me. “I’m going to ask you a question,” he said, “and I want you to be very honest with me. ” STANFORD NORTH DAY CENTRE Daily Schedule 9:00 Roll Call, Duty Assignment and Affirmations 9:30 Psycho-Drama and Social Interaction Skills 10:30 Free Time and Coffee 11:00 Art and Craft Therapy 12:00 LUNCH 1:00 Self-Assertion Techniques and Disorder Information Sessions 2:30 Free Time and Coffee 3:00 Badminton!

Gopinder is trying to make contact with me again. Theoretically, Gopinder is my responsibility. As part of our rehabilitative road back into normal society, each one of us gets a charge—a new admittant into the program—to take care of until they get comfortable enough to find coffee, food, washrooms, and badminton racquets for themselves. Most people get their first charge after seven weeks. I got Gopinder after ten. Unfortunately, although I am more than happy to show Gopinder the ropes and racquets of this place, I haven’t, as yet, been able to make out one word he’s said to me beyond my name.

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