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By Richard Valeriote

Alice road recounts how Valeriote used to be born on the sundown of fine instances and the sunrise of not easy ones. His mother's 15th baby, he grew up in an Italian Catholic relations on a highway jam-packed with proud households with a mess of languages and backgrounds. From being packed into the neighborhood church, to operating and borrowing his method via scientific university at McGill whereas surviving a number of serious health problems, to his very winning profession as a physician in California, his tale is entwined with these of every person from foundry employees to international ambassadors. A hot and informative examine the not easy trip made via such a lot of, Alice road is a testomony to the power and personality had to make it via tumultuous times.

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Richie, what in God’s name is all this stomping around. ” Another fire truck wailed past on the street below. She walked over to the window and bent over to peer out. “What’s happening with all this commotion? ” “Nothing. ” My face and neck burned. She flashed me a frown, then went back downstairs. I sat in the attic, hugging my knees, my stomach churning. I was in the biggest trouble of my life. I was the condemned man waiting for the clang of the prison door that signaled the guards had come to drag me off to the guillotine.

I worried that there was an axe awaiting me, but none ever fell. I received my firesafety lecture, but beyond that it seemed I had been found innocent of malice, and guilty only of good-intentioned, childish bumbling. The incident was never spoken of again and it would be forty years before I learned why, serendipitously. On a visit home, I ran into a cousin who was an insurance agent in town. We chatted and he happened to bring up the garage fire, lowering his voice in a conspiratorial tone. Even after all those years, my shame was so close to the surface that I braced myself for a reprimand.

I was dumbstruck. I’d never met any of my grandparents, and I felt no obligation to give up that chocolate rabbit. But I kept my selfish thoughts to myself and watched in wistful silence as she put it in a empty cloth sugar bag, sewed it shut, and packed My Second Encounter with Death / 31 it in a box with paper to keep it from being broken. The parcel was then mailed to Italy. I consoled myself that it was God’s will that I should never enjoy so much as a nibble of that rabbit. But in a twist of fate, it was apparently also God’s will that my ninety-nine-year-old grandfather would eat too much of the chocolate, suffer an adverse reaction, and die shortly thereafter.

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