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By Jane Moore Howe

Those true-life stories of aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart, in response to the remembrances of her sister Pidge, will encourage and thrill younger readers. young children will cheer as Amelia rescues neighbor boys from an indignant puppy and while she builds her personal “rolly coaster” off the roof of her grandparents’ shed. Amelia’s fascination at seeing her first plane, in addition to her interest, braveness, and backbone to benefit, will make this portrayal of an American heroine a favourite of either youngsters and adults.

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The dog was growling and grabbing at the bone. And the brandnew doll carriage was almost flattened. Grandma Otis put her hands to her head. She shook it sadly. "I hope you're not hurt," she called to her granddaughters. Then she added, "Your mama was right. Go and put on the new bloomers. " Pidge shook her sister's shoulder. Amelia opened her sleepy eyes. She saw the wallpaper with roses in it and for a second she couldn't remember where she was. Then she remembered. She was ten years old and she and Pidge were with Mama and Papa in Des Moines.

There was no one here now. She could see no reason to say BEWARE. She came out of the cave and looked down the bluff. Something moved on a bush below her and caught her eye. Amelia looked closer. It was a moth, a big moth. She crawled down the bluff, hoping for a fine addition for her museum. She crept up to the moth quietly. Carefully she picked it off the bush. It was a beauty with large pale-green wings. She felt sure it was a Luna. Amelia felt much more cheerful now. This was a real treasure.

Then they slowly rolled the carriage around to the back yard. " Amelia said. " "We could play dolls," Pidge suggested. " "There ought to be some good use for it," Amelia said. " She thought again. " Hearing his name, the big dog came down from the back porch. He wagged his bushy tail. " "That's easy. We'll make a harness out of rope from the barn. " In the barn, the girls rummaged around in the dusty toolroom until they found the rope and straps. Cobwebs clung to their hair. Dirt smudged their hands and faces and streaked their starched white pinafores.

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