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H e served in the D epart ment of State until the fall of 1943, when his long-stand ing feud wit h Cordell Hull bro ught about the term ination of his public service. Mr. W elles was Under Secretar y of State when dismissed. Hi s book Seven Decisions Th at Sh aped H istory is 'a n apologia for his late chief, Roosevelt, and a justificatio n for certain events in his own career. Mr. Well es insists th at Roosevelt's betrayal of China and th e United States at Yalta is excusable. O n what gro un d ?

We shall encoun ter th at view of the Chinese Reds as ag reeable inn ocents again when we examine Ma rshall's m ission to China . Let me assume for th e mom ent th at Marshall's jud gment in W orld War II was cloud ed by no ulterior objective, no hidden thread of purpose which could not reach the light of day. W hat kind of a "master of global strategy" would have made th e mistake of Yalta ? What kind of strategic genius does th at display ? The whole array of Marshall's strateg ical endeavors, from Sledgehammer, or the "second front now," thro ugh his tim idit y over invading Algiers by way of th e Mediterrane an, to his downright insistence upon invading southern France two months after D-day in Normandy, is unreassuring.

Hull felt himself honored at being on the right of the prime author of world misfortune. After having suitably flattered Stalin, Hull was "astonished and delighted" when the Marshall turned to him and said, as recorded on page 1309 of Mr. Hull's Memoirs : clearly and unequivocally that, when the Allies had succeeded in America's Retreat From Victory 34 defeating Germany, the Soviet Union would then join in defeating Japan. Stalin had brought up this subje ct entirely on his own. ':. ':. ':. He finished by sayin g that I cou ld inform President Roosevelt of this in the strictest confidence.

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