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By A. C.; Bell, Marjorie Jewett (editor) Jewett

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He was away at the time at his office, and didn't return till four in the afternoon. After greetings, we had tea and dried mulberries in his garden on the sunny side of the house. My room has a bedstead in it —first time I've slept on a spring mattress since in India. There is a manghal, a sort of charcoal brazier which is supplemented by an oil stove. For lights I have a big lamp on a stand, a lantern, and a candle. The mustofi's butler has supplied me with fruit and a plentiful amount to eat, and last night the mustofi kindly sent me a vase full of narcissus.

Most of the time we trailed along with the pack animals, and it was slow going through the pass. The first day we made Charikar and stopped at Malik Meer Baba's house for the night. This was only a short trek of five krohs. I dined here a la Afghan, fingers for forks, much to the delight of the host, but my boy I think disapproved. The town of Charikar is ten miles from Jabal-us-Siraj on the road to Kabul. About eight to ten thousand is claimed for its population. The main bazaar is covered over; and most of the shopkeepers are Hindus who do a thriving trade, as the town is on the main road to three of the passes leading to Russian Turkestan and Badakhshan.

Now I'm getting ready to hibernate for the winter, mainly trying to get in supplies. Had a stove made — you should see it. Burns less wood than a grate, though. Wood is ten dollars per ton and hard to get. I ordered seven and a half karwars (one karwar weighs 1280 pounds) and the chief of police who was to deliver it sent four karwars. On the scales it was a little less than one and a half in spite of being green. I've bought wood before. Yesterday, when I asked where the chief of police was, the governor said that he had run away to Turkestan to get away from me.

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