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By Theodore Dreiser

The vintage depiction of the cruel realities of yankee lifestyles, the darkish part of the yankee Dream, and one man's doomed pursuit of affection and success... "Mr. Dreiser isn't imitative and belongs to no institution. he's at center a mysticist and a fatalist, notwithstanding utilizing the life like strategy. he's, at the facts of this novel on my own, a power."-The ny instances ebook evaluate

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How could Clyde have come by all this grandeur so speedily? How much could all this that he wore now have cost? Was he not hypothecating more of his future earnings for this temporary grandeur than was really wise? He might need it in the future. The other children needed things, too. And was the moral and spiritual atmosphere of a place that made him work such long hours and kept him out so late every day, and for so little pay, just the place to work? To all of which, he had replied, rather artfully for him, that it was all for the best, he was not working too hard.

But he don’t fire nobody unless he’s got a reason. I know dat, too. And as for de rest dere’s no trouble. An’ when your work’s troo, your time’s your own. Dese fellows here are good sports, all o’ dem. Dey’re no four-flushers an’ no tightwads, eider. Whenever dere’s anyting on—a good time or sumpin’ like dat, dey’re on—nearly all of ’em. An’ dey don’t mooch or grouch in case tings don’t work out right, neider. ” He gave Clyde the impression that these youths were all the best of friends—close—all but Doyle, who was a little standoffish, but not coldly so.

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