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Evidently, the precision with which these zeros and extrema are approximated depends on how fine your function has been sampled in the first place. CF2). 4> screen and press . Type ‘E’ and ‘1’, and then press twice (you should be under the word ‘Line’ on the top of the screen). Use the <↑>, and <↓> keys to change the line type from ==== to ——— and press . Next, select the /#\ marker-placing option using the same arrow keys and press several times until you get to the final-graphic screen.

Will also be created. 12 Animations D_2D allows you to create comet plots and animations, with or without having some of the curves plotted as background images and with or without accumulating frames.

Go to the plot-box edit screen and use , , <↑>, and <↓> keys to resize the plot box, then press + to move the x-axis divisions and values to the top of the graph. 4> screen, press to do a R12 DXF export, enter the file name, and press the key. After the DXF export is completed, press to exit D_2D. To view the DXF file that you have just created, open a new drawing in AutoCAD, type ‘dxfin’ at the command line, then type ‘hide’. Because the ♢, ◻, ▿, and ▵ markers are AutoCAD regions placed slightly elevated by D_2D, they will obscure the plot lines.

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