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During this extension of Phylos the Thibetans' treaties at the soul development of Mainin, we discover conversation among the better spirit and the extra carnal earthly self of Mainin. A conversation packed with truths and examples retraced repeatedly in different texts. That lifestyles is an overcoming of SELF, and repair to others is the instance of all non secular adepts and the Christ. this is often one other in a line of books and iconic personalities of the overdue 19th century so jam-packed with spiritualism and exploration. Edgar Cacye, Madam Blatavatsky, and Carl Jung. learn, digest, and judge for your self the place it suits during this grand scheme we name existence. As occasionally the motion picture "The Matix" turns out an apt instance of the semblance provided to us in existence, and reincarnation explains alot concerning the souls development towards an exceptable point of achievment sooner than being awarded earlier than the almighty. could that we had the "Sons of the Solitude" and the "Mount Shasta" institution to lead our steps extra rigorously.

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My wife had come with me, and many old friends from all the years in Ann Arbor were there. As I waited, back came the thought: "Wouldn't it be amazing . '' At that moment Muktananda came in. He sat down, scanned the room for a second, looked right over at me, and gave what seemed to be an unmistakable shake of his head from side to side. My mind computed the meaning in a flash: "Nope! No Blue Pearl! No aura! No nothing! " What washed over me then, irresistibly, was the feeling of having received the ultimate rejection.

Who was I in those days? I had never heard of Muktananda before 1974, and in general my attitude toward the various holy men who came to Ann Arbor was fairly negative. I considered them irrelevant to my life, which revolved around teaching, around close interaction with students who were interested in their own self-discovery, growth, and future role in society. I had written about college teaching, and it was my own style that I had in mind when I talked about the teacher as facilitator. Shortly after my initial meeting with Swami Muktananda, I had a spontaneous visualization that summed up my situation at the time quite well.

It is clear that Muktananda was unprepared for some of his crucial experiences during the nine-year period of intense sadhana*. Only through the opportune guidance of several teacher-friends and his gradual discovery of key spiritual texts was he able to accept and understand his experiences. Hence, one function of his autobiography is to reassure and encourage those who are blocked, as he himself had been, by fear, confusion, and doubt. Finally, it is important to know that, in the context of his own culture, Swami Muktananda was a traditional teacher.

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