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One very large piece was too hard to break. " said Jenny. So, thinking fast, I told her to hold on to it while I fetched a small saw from the shed and I cut it up for her. Then I got a plastic bag and let her put the pieces in. " I asked as, clearly, they had served a need for her once, although they no longer did now. She had just not known how to break that outmoded pattern of behaviour. " Then she tied up the bag; we put it in the dustbin and she banged down the lid. Jenny had now taken control over the voices with a cathartic experience - no anger, no anxiety, just all a part of her story.

At the next session, a week later, I again relaxed him deeply and this time did the rewind technique 2 with him, to remove the emotion from his memories of the accident and the operation. We had discussed new interests he might enjoy to develop, and, while he was still deeply relaxed, I encouraged him to see himself enjoying new social experiences to replace the sport. He contacted me a few weeks later to let me know that he was feeling much more optimistic about, and in control of, his life and that there had been no recurrences of the frightening loss of sensation he had been experiencing.

Now in her 5 Os and long ago 'written off' as suffering from borderline personality disorder, she spoke of how she now felt, for the first time, more in control, more confident, a sense of status, a desire for meaningful achievement and an awareness, at last, that she is not defined by self-harm (see "I was Angela long before 1 became a self-harmer", on page 50). It is no coincidence that she spoke in terms which represent powerful human givens ideas, for the human givens approach provides the framework for our work at a community-based, residential rehabilitation unit for women in Sussex with complex mental health needs, one of whom is Angela.

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