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By Arthur O. Klein

An Unplanned Roundtrip recounts writer Arthur O. Klein's transition from lifestyles in a center category Jewish domestic in prewar Nineteen Thirties Vienna to a brand new lifestyles as an American citizen after serving within the U.S. military Counter Intelligence Corps in 1947. starting with the access of Adolf Hitler into Vienna in March 1938, Klein's memoir information the following separation of his relatives in August 1938 as he and his father have been pressured to depart his mom and sister and flee to Luxembourg and their eventual reunion in September 1939. Klein describes relocating via France, Spain, Portugal and Cuba ahead of arriving within the U.S. in early 1945, the place he used to be instantly drafted into the U.S. military. His memoir contains a description of his education as a distinct Agent of the U.S. military Counter Intelligence Corps and of his eventual discharge after a significant automobile twist of fate in West Germany in December 1946.

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The French woman was obviously scared by the harsh orders barked at her and responded in French to the translator that she would comply with his order. She brought us to a room which had a typical French bed with a very soft mattress and a cot. M. We quickly dressed, brushed our teeth and packed our luggage. A train had apparently pulled into the railroad station during the night. I nervously watched through the window the activities at the station and continuously updated my mother and sister who were still getting ready.

S. immigration visa. , consulate during the many visits they made in the weeks leading up to May. Finally on May 20, 1941, my father received a letter which proved to be completely worthless, and could be considered by some neutral observer as counterproductive and even sadistic. I will explain. There were, in 1940, approximately 300,000 Jews in metropolitan France, half of them with French citizenship (and the others foreigners, mostly exiles). About 200,000 of them, and the large majority of foreign Jews, lived in Paris and its outskirts.

Before I could enter the building the aircraft started to spray the railroad station with machine gun fire. Simultaneously, we heard the “ack ack” of the German antiaircraft gun firing back at the plane. Other antiaircraft fire was simultaneously being directed from other German batteries across the city. We followed the path of the plane and noticed a trail of smoke behind it when it disappeared over the horizon. Rumors spread like wildfire and soon the consensus in Luxembourg City was that this had been a British plane and was shot down just outside the city limits.

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