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By Austin Osman Spare

The final occult writing of Austin Osman Spare, the founding father of Sigil Magic.

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A. and in 1903 they seized the Golden Dawn, although Blackden's active involvement in the new Order was brief, for Waite records that in 1904 Frater Mawahanu Thesi (a supposed and quite untranslatable Egyptian motto) 'married a first cousin and retired to a country house in the neighbourhood of the New Forest'. From there he returned in 1914 to argue against Waite that the cipher rituals could be genuine, having come to the strange beliefthat the Egyptian fellahin had preserved the hieroglyphic language to the present day and could thus have transmitted ancient and authentic ritual texts.

B. Yeats remembered the Revd W. A. Ayton as 'the most panic-stricken person I have ever known' and discovered that Ayton was apprehensive about every aspect of practical occultism: Wisdom 55 IHe] took me aside that he might say-'J hope you never invoke spirits-that is a very dangerous thing to do. 1am told that even the planetaryspirits turn upon us in the end'. ' '0, yes, once,' he said. 'I havemy alchernical laboratoryin a cellar under my house where the Bishopcannot see it. One day1was walkingup and down there when 1 heard another footstep walking up and downbeside me.

I am the reconciler with the ineffable. Let the whitebrillianceof the DivineSpirit descend. I AM the All-sustainer. I AM the All-wise. I haveno stain, SakiaMuni The BuddhistofTibet. 38 TheGolden Dawn Scarcely had the paint finally dried upon the vault than it was dismantled and moved to new premises in Clipstone Street, not far from Oxford Circus, where it sat and watched over a procession of initiates duly awed by its multi-coloured splendour and by the spectacle of Mathers in glittering Egyptian robes rising from the tomb of Christian Rosenkreuz.

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