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By Malcolm Eugene Miller; Howard Edward Evans; George C Christensen

Binding: Hardcover writer: W.B. Saunders corporation Date released: 1964 ISBN-13: 9780721663609 ISBN: 0721663605

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Palatine Bone The palatine bone (os palatinum) (Fig. 1-26) is located posteromedial to the maxilla, where it forms the posterior part of the hard palate, the anteromedial wall of the pterygopalatine fossa, and the lateral wall of the nasopharyngeal duct. It is divided into horizontal and perpendicular laminae. The horizontal lamina (lamina horizontalis) forms, with its fellow, the posterior third of the hard palate (palatum osseum). Each horizon­ tal lamina has a palatine surface (facies palatina), a nasal surface (facies nasalis), a convex anterior border, and a free concave posterior border.

An­ terior to this suture the vomer articulates with the palatine processes of the maxillae and in­ cisive bones to form the vomeromaxillary su­ ture (sutura vomeromaxillaris) and the vomeroincisive suture (sutura vomeroincisiva), respec­ tively. Mandible The mandible (mandibula) (Fig. 1-30) of the dog consists of right and left halves firmly united in life at the m andibular symphysis (symphysis mandibulae), which is a strong, rough-surfaced, fibrous joint. Each half is divided into a hori­ zontal part, or body, and a vertical part, or ramus.

Dorsal to the anterior end of the sphenoethmoid lamina is the sphenopalatine foram en (foramen sphenopalatinum), which lies dorsal to the posterior palatine foramen and extends from the ptery­ gopalatine fossa to the nasal cavity. The nasal vessels and nerve of the sphenopalatine foramen groove the anterior end of the lamina sphenoethmoidalis. The area dorsal to this lamina is articular for the orbital wing of the sphenoid and the lateral lamina of the ethmoid bones. The anterior part of the nasal surface is exca­ vated to form the posterolateral part of the maxillary fossa (fossa maxillaris), which bounds part of the maxillary sinus laterally.

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