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By Gerald Massey

Along with his previous sequence in Egyptology, Gerald Massey became current doctrine on its head to argue that not just had Egypt spawned human civilization, yet that Egyptian mythology was once the foundation for Jewish and Christian ideals. The end result of his years at this actual highbrow pursuit, historical Egypt: the sunshine of the realm is Massey's crown jewel. during this, the main philosophical (in either tone and suggestion) of his Egyptological works, Massey, ever the intrepid escort, leads a travel via hundreds of thousands of years of sociological, cultural, and religious improvement, the entire whereas pointing, with striking cause and persuasive prose, to a far off, universal, Egyptian starting place. British writer GERALD MASSEY (1828-1907) released works of poetry, spiritualism, Shakespearean feedback, and theology, yet his best-known works are within the realm of Egyptology, together with A booklet of the Beginnings and The traditional Genesis.

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They said that to talk of what was done before man was made was silly, and that what I had said of God’s talking with men and telling them such things had no proof; and the things I pretended to know and talk of were all old women’s stories. ’” (Madagascar: Robert Drury’s Journal, during Fifteen Years’ Captivity on that Island. And A Further Description of Madagascar, by the Abbé Alexis Rochon. Edited, with an Introduction and Notes, by Captain Pasfield Oliver, R. ) The aborigines do not mistake the facts of nature as we have mistaken the primitive method of representing them.

The Kangaroos hop about in the likeness of the Totemic animal. The howlings of a pack of dingoes or wild dogs are heard afar off as if in the depth of the forest. The sounds grow less and less distant. At length the leader of the band rushes in on all fours followed by the others. They run after each other on all fours round the fire, imitating the actions of wild dogs in the Dingo dance. (A. W. ) With the Inoits at their religious fêtes and anniversaries of the dead, the biographies of the departed are told to the spectators in dumb show and dancing.

Isis, veiled in black, goes down to the nether-world in search of lost Osiris. It was only there they ever met, He as the Bull of Eternity, She as the Cow, a later type than the Frog of Hekat. This drama of the primitive mysteries, this mythical mode of representing natural fact, is at times more appealing in its touching simplicity than anything to be found amongst the best things that have been “said” in literature. The custom of women which was to be religiously respected being identified, it is easy to see that this led to other customs of Tabu, which were founded and practised as modes of memorising the law intended to be taught and fulfilled.

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