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Contemporary advances in various clinical disciplines have published the restrictions of the Newtonian-Cartesian version of the universe. one of many attention-grabbing facets of this improvement is the expanding convergence of technology and the "perennial philosophy." the recent examine has resulted in a severe revaluation of old religious structures lengthy missed or rejected as a result of their assumed incompatibility with science.

Here are Swami Muktananda at the brain. Swami Prajnananda on Karma. Swami Kripananda at the Kundalini. Ajit Mookerjee at the Kundalini. Joseph Chilton Pearce on religious improvement. mom Teresa on love and repair. Jack Kornfield on Buddhism for american citizens. Fritjof Capra at the new paradigms. Rupert Sheldrake on morphic resonance. Karl Pribram at the holographic version. Claudio Naranjo on meditation, and more.

The papers during this booklet have been provided on the 7th convention of the foreign Transpersonal organization held in Bombay. The ITA is a non-profit association that brings jointly contributors of other nationalities, professions, and philosophical or non secular personal tastes who proportion within the view that there's a primary solidarity underlying all of humanity and the fabric world.

The conceal photograph is from the William Rockhill Nelson Gallery of artwork within the Atkins Museum of good Arts, Kansas urban, Missouri.

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A paradigm is more than just a useful theoretical model for science; its philosophy has a powerful indirect influence on society. Newtonian-Cartesian science has created a very negative image of human beings, depicting them as biological machines driven by bes- Page 10 tial instinctual impulses. This image endorses competition and the principle of "survival of the fittest" as natural and essentially healthy tendencies. Contemporary science, blinded by its model of the world as a conglomerate of mechanically interacting separate units, has been unable to recognize the vital importance of cooperation, synergy, and ecological concerns.

Rabbis Zalman Schachter, Shlomo Carlebach and David Zeller participated jointly in a special evening of Jewish mysticism that combined elements of Kabbalah with Hassidic songs and dances. Al Chung-liang Huang, master of t'ai chi and Chinese dance, theater and calligraphy shared with participants the living Taoist tradition in a series of demonstrations, performances, and experiential workshops. Tantric scholar and writer Ajit Mookerjee introduced the audience to the science and art of Kundalini.

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