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James, A descriptive Catalogue 01 the Manuscripts in the Library 01 Corpus Christi College, Cambridge. 1912. 25 Regius 2 A XX. Nine charms: No. 37, 38, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59, 60, 61. Corpus Christi College 41, Cambridge. Seven charms: No. 1, 12, 13, 15, 16, 43, 48. Cotton Caligula A xv. Three charms: No. 34, 68, 69. Cotton Faustina A X. Three charms: No. 39, 40, 82. Junius 85, Bodleian Library, Oxford. Three charms: No. 41, 45, 49. Cotton Vitellius E XVIII. Three charms: No. 50,85, 86. Gonville & Caius College 379, Cambridge.

Another direct means to attain one's end is to express a eommand in words, and this form is aetually met with in charms, but if the eommand is given to a man there is nothing magieal about it, and if the eommand is given to a spirit we touch upon animism. Furthermore words are generally employed to strengthen, not to ereate, the power that brings about the magieal effeet. In eonformity with this we find that the words are intensified in their turn by the form in whieh they are pronouneed: the rhythm and tone in whieh they are sung; in fact the form has beeome so important that the word song has eome to denote the magieal praetiee in all the Indo-European languages and in a great many outside this group.

Leeehbook IH, I. I do not know in how far pennyroyal has a natural effect on a man's headaehe, but rubbing the eyes, temples and forehead with oil or melted butter no doubt has a natural sedative influence. All the rest has magie signifieanee: 1. , persistent, headaehe must have had some abnormal eause in the opinion of the Anglo-Saxon. 2. E. name of pennyroyal is dweorgedwostle, whieh is a eompound with dweorh, 'dwarf'. It is immaterial whether the name arose from a supposed eonneetion with dwarfs, eaused by the form of its leaves, some oeeurrenee in mythologie al history, for whieh eompare eharm No.

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