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By Janet Gyatso, Parul Dave Mukherji

An research into what's recognized in Tibet as "secret autobiography", a literary style that offers a private exploration of intimate non secular reports. The textual content specializes in the key autobiographies via the Tibetan Buddhist visionary, Jigme Lingpa (1730-1798), whose writings are as a lot the character of his personal identification, reminiscence and the undecidabilities of autobiographical fact as they're narrations of the particular content material of his personal studies. The booklet examines the questions of why Tibetan Buddhists produced such a lot of autobiographies, and the way autobigraphical self-assertion is feasible even whereas Buddhists think that the self is eventually an phantasm. additionally explored are Jigme Lingpa's ancient milieu, his revelatory visions of the traditional Tibetan dynasty, and his mediative practices of non-public cultivation

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In the presence of the unequaled Awareness-Holder Lama, I drank the nectar of profound maturation and liberation. When I attained the blessings and direct transmission of Padma Guru, the epitome of[all buddha] families, the door to the enlightened activity [that would result from this] profound connection was opened by the glorious protector, Awareness-Holder Lama.

As a result, there was a grasping at that, an attachment to dichotomized appearance, which caused the radiant-light vision to stop right in place. I don't know if it was an awakening from sleep, but in a state that was like having awakened, there was, nakedly; consciousness of the present. Bma! Through the strength of the blessings of Lord Padma the Self-Produced I met what is meant, in Great Perfection, by the ground field 23 24 DANCING MOON IN THE WATER in deep experience, with my bone touching the stone.

Then again, as if spreading into space, insight-awareness awoke, from which emptiness' clear radiance blazed more greatly; and the entire world of appearance was in a state of nonconceptual radiant light. I beheld there a sight ungraspable, like reflected images in a mirror, or the planets and stars scattered upo1;1 the ocean. From that external manifestation, [which entailed] a subtle imputative thought, dawned attachment to dichotomized appearance. Then there appeared an objectthe glorious ship Potala with an inconceivable [number ofJ doors and windows;.

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