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By Helmut Nickel

Describes the guns and instruments present in Africa from prehistoric via smooth occasions and discusses how they exhibit human development.

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Interestingly enough, practically identical like most of these They are cattle herders; aristocratic tribes, they always carry their weapons, as tokens of their manly prowess. Besides spear and bow, they have a long, slender club with a thick, Since a man is knobby end, which looks very much practically never seen without his club, portant part of the greeting ceremony. the knobbed end it When two men of his club to be touched by the other like a shillelagh. has become an im- meet, each holds out as a symbol of peaceful intentions.

Bantu— and is and the standing in small clearall belong to the same share a rather uniform culture — forest farm- Their weapons were natural for forest dwellers, axes. Especially decorated axes were insignia of rank for chieftains. The construction because the blades did not have an eye like of these axes of the shaft. Tribes that lived in more open was pecu- our axes (where the shaft can be inserted) but had a tang that was pushed through a knob 28 river Makongo. the tribes were often feuding with each other.

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