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Artwork and insanity deals a severe evaluate of present theories at the courting among inventive creativity and the psychiatric disturbances which can want this creativity, the psychodynamic mechanisms proposed through psychoanalysts to give an explanation for creativity, and the psychosociological elements that play a task in creativity

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From pleasure to therapy However, psychedelic trips to supra-rational worlds encouraged and continue to encourage enthusiastic artistic research, and for decades most modern artists have used psychedelic drugs in an attempt to obtain new experiences to reflect in their work. CREATIVITY AND DRUGS 33 Warnings about the psychic dangers of its use, the full extent of which were unknown to the public at the outset, only helped to exaggerate the feeling of transgression and therefore the spread of the drug.

He stated that far from being the source or the price of creativity, psychosis and other forms of mental illness are in fact hindrances to the work of creation. In a cautious way, he concluded that psychopathology does not determine a genius, but it does influence thematic choice and form of expression. 3. Conceptual style, divergent thinking Eysenck, in 1976, accepting that creative people present many symptoms of psychotic behavior, proposed a relation between creativity, psychopathological features and deviancy in “conceptual style”(Eysenck, 1995).

These authors comment on various examples of what could be considered as sudden inspiration coming from the unconscious; Tchaikovsky, who seemed inspired by sudden flashes, or the publicist Ogilvy, who had a dream that he wrote down and turned into an advertisement the next day, or the French mathematician Henri Poincaré, who also spoke of intuition and of perception of concealed harmonies and relations in mathematical formulae, as in the emergence of a subliminal self or privileged unconscious phenomenon.

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