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By Timothy Kusky

Asteroids and comets are area gadgets that orbit the sunlight. This booklet examines the numerous craters on the earth that experience shaped due to meteorites or asteroids crashing into the planet, excavating large holes and wreaking frequent destruction at the panorama.

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The mixture of dust and gases emitted by the comet then forms a large but weak atmosphere around the comet, called the coma. The radiation and solar wind from the Sun causes this coma to extend outward away from the Sun forming a huge tail. The tail is complex and consists of two parts—the gases released from the comet form an ion tail that gets elongated in a direction pointing directly away from the Sun, and may extend along magnetic field lines for more than 1 AU (9,321,000 miles; 150,000,000 km), and the coma from which the tail extends may become larger than the Photo of comet Hyakutake, April 1996, showing a tail Sun.

6) K. 9) E. F. Helin, Palomar 1976 2060 Chiron 111 (180) C. T. 5) C. S. and E. M. ) S. F. Honig, Palomar 23 inner solar system asteroids There are relatively few asteroids that orbit inside the orbit of Jupiter, since the numerous planets and proximity to the Sun in this region exert many forces that cause the orbits of bodies to become unstable. Most asteroids that end up orbiting in the inner solar system are deflected there by collisions in the other asteroid belts, and have short lifetimes before they impact a planet, are pulled into the Sun, or deflected back to outer space.

One of the classes of asteroids, known as carbonaceous chondrites, show unmetamorphosed (never heated or put under high pressure) minerals, showing that they were never deep in a planetary interior, and never located next to the Sun. The compositions of the main belt asteroids shows that they formed in about the same region they are located in with respect to distance from the Sun. There are several belts of asteroids within the main asteroid belt, and these show variations with distance from the Sun, thought to represent variations in the original solar nebula, and in the different parent bodies that broke up during formation of the solar system.

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