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Come discover the astral realm. Meet spirit helpers and courses, achieve perception on previous occasions or attainable futures, and event freedom and experience you have basically dreamed approximately. Astral Projection simple & basic teaches you the way to venture simply, certainly, and accurately. this whole advisor is finished in scope, with step by step directions for either easy and complex strategies. you will discover some ways to benefit, create, and easily have a good time at the astral aircraft, together with the way to: —Perform astral therapeutic ideas —Develop your psychic capability —Create an astral "watcher" to assemble info —Increase your inventive and problem-solving talents —Experience astral love and intercourse —Encounter loved pets who've crossed over —Travel via time to discover previous eras and locations —Meet elementals—the "native population" of the astral realm

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The attention is turned to the source of Light and Life. 3. An imaginative increase of stature is accomplished. 4. The sense of immensity being maintained, a globe of brilliant white light is formulated just above the head. 5. The luminosity of the globe increases, permeates your entire being, and surrounds you with an aura of light. Establishing the Circle The second section of Setting apart of the place involves the creation of the circle of protection, the establishment of a dedicated space in Physical and Astral Preparations 23 In the form of Setting apart of the place given here, two circles are constructed: the first, which revolves counterclockwise, is a banishing circle, and when you imaginatively construct it you should hold in mind the intention of cleansing the place of all unwanted astral influences.

Make your breathing steady and full, not straining to fill your lungs but as if you were in a deep, peaceful sleep. 4. After settling into this posture and way of breathing, raise your two hands before you so you see them with the dark surface or area of shadow as a background. The palms should be facing each other, close but not touching. Slightly separating the fingers of each hand, bend your fingers and place each fingertip against its opposite: forefinger to forefinger, middle finger to middle finger, and so on; and thumb to thumb.

5. In the realization of this globe, and of the marvel and mystery it implies, visualize its luminosity increasing to an intense radiance that falls upon you and through you, permeates your whole being and surrounds you as an aura of white brilliance. The steady increase of the luminosity of the globe of light, and of the encompassing and permeating brilliance that emanates from it, is not simply an exercise of the visual imagination. To begin to fulfill this phase of the technique aright, the conceptual and emotional imagination must from the outset be engaged with the spiritual beauty and awe-inspiring wonder of the mystery that it represents, transcendent yet intimately present to you.

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