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Memory modelling. Regression Running. Code Coverage. Functional Coverage. 1 Introduction Extensive‚ thorough and rigorous functional verification testing is the requirement for complex architectures of today’s designs. Design scope is too complicated to rely on old methods. So‚ the best verification strategy is the one that starts early in the design cycle concurrently with the creation of specifications of the system. Verification now requires transaction verification methods and technologies to capture tests and debug the designs.

4. /// \param key Index into queue that new cell is located in waiting to be processed. void tbvCheckerTvmT::process(const tbvSmartUnsignedT & key) Line 1 is brief description. Lines 2,3 are detailed description pointing to the actual tbvReceiveTaskT. 30 Advanced Verification Techniques Line 4 uses “\param” to describe parameter “key” of the process function. This way all the parameters can be defined. Remembering this information while writing the code‚ can automatically generate quite good documents using Doxygen.

It is essential for complex state machines to find out if there are some unvisited states. Event Coverage: Also, called triggering. Shows whether each process has been uniquely triggered by each signal in its sensitivity list. Branch coverage: Also called decision coverage. else” branches were executed. Expression Coverage: Also called condition coverage. Shows how well boolean expression in and if conditions or assignment has been tested. Path Coverage: Shows which routes through “if--else”and case constructs have been tested.

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