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By Philip Fitzpatrick

It's just about the time while Papua and New Guinea territories will achieve independence from Australian rule and and a tender police cadet, kiap, Philip Fitzpatrick stories a area in transition. it truly is an environment he interprets to this compelling account of the interval he served as a patrol officer in Papua New Guinea.

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I asked. A low murmur and a shuffling of feet answered me. I sat on a log around which bright red and yellow cordyline had been tastefully planted. Finally a boy about twelve years old presented himself and addressed me in perfect English. ’ Lorop and Imbum simultaneously raised their eyebrows. ‘That’s a shame,’ I said. ’ ‘I will send someone to find him if you can wait, sir,’ the young lad responded. ’ ‘We will find him very quickly, sir,’ he said. ‘Yes, I’m sure you will,’ I answered. I despatched the patrol to the mission with Corporal Womi.

34 Bamahuta ‘Hi there. Who am I talking to? ’ I shouted to be heard over the static. ‘Bob Gilbert. I’m the new cadet,’ came the reply. ‘Where is the ADC, Bob? ’ ‘Okay,’ I replied. ‘Listen, we’re clouding up fast here. Can you get a message to the pilot on today’s milk run? ’ There was no reply for several moments. I looked doubtfully at the clerk. ‘The plane left here ten minutes ago, headed your way. ’ When he sees this stuff he’ll just turn around and go home, I thought, and probably lodge a complaint with DCA about our weather reporting.

It’s too late now,’ he smiled. ’ ‘Ah! If he has the adze everyone will follow him and then what will happen to this place? ’ ‘I’d better get up to the mission and meet the priest,’ I said. ’ ‘Village clean and tidy, village constable doing good job,’ I said aloud as I wrote in the book. I paid Kelepsok his annual salary and joined Kasari and Imbum and we strolled up the path to the mission. The Catholic Mission at Bolivip was impressive. A Canadian-style log cabin stained a deep brown-red for the priest and a larger one for the nuns; a school and teacher’s quarters in the same style nearby, and the foundations for a hospital further back still.

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