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By Clausewitz, Carl von; Girard, René; Girard, René; Girard, Rene; Clausewitz, Carl von; Chantre, Benoît

In Battling to the top René Girard engages Carl von Clausewitz (1780–1831), the Prussian army theoretician who wrote On War. Clausewitz, who has been critiqued via army strategists, political scientists, and philosophers, famously postulated that "War is the continuation of politics through different means." He additionally looked as if it would think that governments may perhaps constrain war.
     Clausewitz, a firsthand witness to the Napoleonic Wars, understood the character of recent war. faraway from controlling violence, politics follows in war's wake: the technique of struggle became its ends.
     René Girard indicates us a Clausewitz who's a involved witness of history's acceleration. Haunted via the French-German clash, Clausewitz clarifies greater than an individual else the advance that may ravage Europe. Battling to the tip pushes apart the taboo that stops us from considering the fact that the apocalypse has began. Human violence is escaping our regulate; this present day it threatens the total planet.

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However, my interpretation of this dialectic was different from everyone else’s. I could not even tell you how Hegel influenced the way I formulated my thoughts. Perhaps it was the idea of expressing mimetic influences in terms of desire. Daring to define Don Quixote’s chivalry in this way was a major step. There is also what Hegel calls “evil infinite,”5 which is desire that transfers itself to new objects, one after the next, indefinitely; an insatiable desire that always presupposes the presence of others, my fellow kind, next to me.

Mimetic theory, as it is corroborated here by reciprocal action, obliges us to see history on a larger scale and as involving very long alternations. ” He still had a foot in the time of eighteenth century wars, but the accelerated era was also already there, and Clausewitz 18 The Escalation to Extremes was one of the first to see it, at a time when suspended conflicts no longer dissimulated the underlying principle of reciprocity. Violence is never lost on violence. It cannot be eliminated. This is the fundamental reality that we need to understand.

We have seen the sterility of the “merging groups” that fascinated Sartre with respect to revolution. Violence lost its effectiveness long ago, but we are only barely beginning to realize it. Only ethical relations could still found something, but they are literally overcome by events, by the mimetic enthusiasm of individuals who believe they are free and cling frantically to their false differences. The enthusiasm is contagious, and has destroyed our moral frameworks, which themselves had ancient ritual origins.

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