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By Efstratios Grivas

Grivas presents an entire and distinctive repertoire for White opposed to 5 vital openings: the Grünfeld, King's Indian, Benoni, Benko and glossy. In every one case, he has prompt a line within which he has a wealth of expertise, and has performed an important own function in constructing over decades. The suggestions are geared in the direction of posing Black unconventional difficulties: your competitors will be unable to churn out long memorized adaptations, yet might want to remedy difficulties on the board in positions which are a bit of diversified in personality from these usually reached in those openings. Grivas has additionally selected the repertoire in order that it varieties a continuing entire, and may healthy along an English or Réti move-order, as well as a typical 1 d4 repertoire.

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19 Nfl To 19 N c4 Black would have replied 19 . . Re6. forcing the exchange sacrifice 20 Rxd6 and after 20 . . cxd6 2 1 Qf2 h e w o u l d have continued the attack by 21 . . f5 without its force being lesse ned. 19 20 Oxf3 Rd3 20 Od3 would be useless on account of 20 . . Oxd3. followed by 21 c4. Oxe4 20 21 Rd2 Oh4! 22 Rg2 Bh3 23 Of2 Black to move Position after 16 R d 1 16 • • • Nxg2! Because otherwise White would play 17 Nfl with a defendable position. 17 Kxg2 18 Kg1 Qh3+ Against 1 8 Kh 1 Bd6 19 f4 (so as to be able to save h i m s e l f after 1 9 .

Exd4 then 6 e 5 ! Against 5 d4 I had the intention of p l a y i n g 5 . . Bd6? but i s is evident that i n this case too W h i te would have remained with greater freedom of action. On the other h a n d the text move does not offer more than l i m ited difficulties. 5 Nge7 6 d3 The continuation given by B i l g u e r 6 d4 e x d 4 7 Bg5 O g 6 S B x e 7 N x e 7 9 cxd4 B b 6 1 0 Nc3 0-0 1 1 Bd3 does not, in my view, offer any danger to Black if he continues with 1 1 . . d6 12 e5 Oh6 etc. 6 h6 7 Nbd2 0-0 8 Ne4 Ng6 be 9 b4 B b 6 ( i f 9 .

R h 2 + 40 Kd 1 Rg2 41 b6 Rg8 42 b7 Rb8 43 Ke2 with the same result. 27 Rg3 Ra1+ 28 Kd2 bxe2 29 Kxe2 dxe4 Black's great effort has been translated i n to the gain of a pawn. B u t as t h i s pawn is doubled and his k i n g cannot stop W h i te's free b· pawn i n time, a d raw is the d e f i n ite conclusion. Page 48 Rf4 40 Kd3 Re7 41 b6 Rb7 42 Ke3 Kd5 43 Rb5+ Ke4 44 Rxf5 Rxb6 45 Rg6 Rxf7 Game 23 Phflidor's Defence 46 Kfl Kd5 Drawn 47 Re7 h5 48 Ra7 A s p l e n d i d effort by the Argen t i n i a n master.

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