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By Geraldine Cummins

During this sequel to the line to Immortality, Geraldine Cummins keeps to relay messages from a deceased entity purporting to be the eminent psychologist and psychical researcher, F. W. H. Myers. In her earlier booklet Myers spoke concerning the states of being we discover ourselves after actual demise, and now he expands on those issues explaining how those states are an accumulation of our options, thoughts, and activities - a made up global when you like, made by means of us - a airplane of phantasm. the following, we create our personal Hell, our personal Purgatory, and our personal Paradise, now not a few judgmental God in a white gown. As Myers issues out: "Out of the thoughts of earth the soul creates his setting, builds, via his mind's eye, the precise dream, the primal item of his appetites or wishes in this nation of Illusion." Like a father or mother guiding a baby, Myers does not pass judgement on, yet he urges us to think about a existence except gold - a lifestyles with no materialism. He talks widely approximately reincarnation, judgment, the kin team, and particularly, the seven planes of lifestyles; seven speeds of vibration, the seven so-called-realities that the majority folks will event sooner than we cross into timelessness, Eternity, Heaven, Nirvana - name it what you'll. On Jesus, he has this to assert: "Jesus of Nazareth was once Son of God simply because He descended to earth, and, emerging back, gone through all of the seven degrees of attention, achieving with out permit or difficulty, to union with the author. It used to be now not worthy for Him to exist on those numerous planes in the a variety of worlds created by way of the travelling souls. For already He was once very God, already He had that religious energy which enabled Him to carry all of the universes in the take hold of of His attention, inside of an all-embracing love."

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GIBBES "Unquestionably the truth or fallacy of the theory of the survival of the soul is by far the most tremendous question that can exercise the human mind. The more you think of it, the more all other questions seem to sink into utter insignificance, for only if survival be true, can the Universe be rationalized at all, because only in this way, and in this alone, can we confront the problem of evil. " Professor E. W. S. (Psychic Science) 10 The following essays were written automatically by Miss Geraldine Cummins in precisely the same manner as those contained in the book entitled The Road to Immortality.

They whirl with a very great intensity. I might call them life units. The threads I speak of are connected with the glands. Medical men have been impressed by the alteration in character caused by certain deficiencies in one particular gland. They will find perhaps in time—when they discover the etheric body—that this deficiency is partly caused by some weakening of the thread or wire which carries the life current from the etheric body to these glands. I know I am uttering heresies. But I want you to realise that this invisible body—called by me the double or unifying mechanism—is the only channel through which mind and life may communicate with the physical shape.

GIBBES. 17 PART I. THE IMMEDIATE LIFE AFTER DEATH I. THIS PETTY, PUNY AGE THE Greek ideal of soundness in mind and body, the Greek reverence for beauty and strength must come into their own again. I perceive the earth now as from a mountain top. I perceive the swarming multitudes, who give no real or considered reflection to the future of the coming generation. You may argue that conditions are perfect if compared with those prevalent in the Victorian era. It is true that there are degrees of darkness in every night.

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