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And D. K. Dougall. 1963. Growth of single plant cells. Science 141: 1059. Greathouse, D. , W. M. Laetsch, and B. O. Phinney. 1971. The shoot-growth rhythm of a tropical tree, Theobroma cacao. Am. J. Bot. 58: 281-286. Gross, P. R. 1968. Biochemistry of differentiation. Ann. Rev. Biochem. 37: 631-660. Haber, A. , T. J. Long, and D. E. Foard. 1964. Is final size determined by rate and duration of growth? Nature (London) 201: 479-480. Heslop-Harrison, J. 1967. Differentiation. Ann. Rev. Plant Physiol.

2-6), since they exhibit physiological action similar to that of IAA. While these compounds are auxins, of course they technically may not be called hormones. Synthetic auxins are chemically diverse, but may for convenience be Figure 2-5. Structural formula of indole-3-acetic acid. ;: COOH 4--Amino-3, 5, 6-trichloropicolinic acid CI § CI I NH2 [Tordon (picloram)] Figure 2-6. Examples of synthetic auxins and auxin-type herbicides. categorized in five major groups: indole acids, naphthalene acids, chi orophenoxy acids, benzoic acids, and picolinic acid derivatives.

When coleoptiles of etiolated canary grass seedlings were illuminated from one side, a strong positive curvature (positive phototropism, growth toward the light source) resulted. If the tip of the coleoptile was darkened by a tin foil cap and only the lower part was unilaterally illuminated, curvature usually did not result. However, when he reversed this procedure, that is, when only the lower part was darkened and the coleoptile tip was exposed, curvature resulted. 5 to 4 mm of the tip is removed.

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