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By Helena Curtis; N. Sue Barnes; Adriana Schnek; Alicia Massarini

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This heat is probably left over from energy produced when the planet first coalesced. ● Neptune also has a giant long-term storm known as the “great dark spot” similar to the “great red spot” on Jupiter. The storm has been observed to disappear and then reappear a few years later. ● The planet’s blue color is thought to be a result of methane in its upper atmosphere. Rings ● Neptune has a faint ring system first confirmed by Voyager 2. ● Some of the rings seem to be incomplete arcs rather than complete ellipses.

Some astronomers speculate that Sedna may belong to a separate “inner” Oort cloud. Others believe that the Oort cloud may be much denser and more compact than previously thought. Oort cloud Orbit of Sedna outer planet orbits Sedna’s orbit © Diagram Visual Information Ltd. ● An 64 ASTRONOMY Key words celestial celestial pole celestial pole celestial equator latitude equator north south sphere Sky watching The movement of the stars Northern Hemisphere North Pole orbit season Southern Hemisphere South Pole star 1 An observer at the North Pole sees only the stars in the northern half of the celestial sphere.

Unlike any other planet the surface is composed of tectonic plates, which are in constant motion. a b c Composition ● Earth is the densest planet in the solar system. ● It is composed of a large iron-rich core, a semi-molten iron and magnesium mantle, and a thin silicon-rich crust. 6 million km) Average surface temperature 57°F (14°C) Rotation period 23 hours 56 minutes Sidereal period © Diagram Visual Information Ltd. 256 days d e 43 The Moon Comparative sizes of Earth and the Moon THE SUN’S FAMILY Key words atmosphere core crust impact crater mantle mare rotational period sidereal period solar eclipse solar wind terrae tidally locked Atmosphere ●A very thin atmosphere composed of gases vented from the Moon’s interior and particles of solar wind.

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