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By Bernice Schacter, Kary B. Mullis

With development in biotechnology comes controversy, everybody has an opinion in regards to the advantages or hazards of the recent expertise. This sequence explores both sides of the problems. a long time 12-16 years. international society. a while 12+

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The human body produces more than 70,000 different proteins; a single liver cell has approximately 10,000 different proteins. Within every cell of every organism, the integrated, finely orchestrated functioning of these proteins, both separate and together, is central to life. What Is a Gene? To figure out how genes work and how they direct the production of specific proteins that allow organisms to inherit traits, scientists started with the fact that chromosomes were known to be made up of protein and DNA.

You have probably also heard of tonsils and adenoids, immune system tissues in the throat and nose that are rich in infection-fighting cells. The purpose of that look into your throat is to see if your tonsils are swollen and red, another sign that the body is fighting an infection. Immune system cells provide both general responses to infections and responses precisely targeted to the specific infecting virus or bacteria. The infection-specific cells, called lymphocytes, work to attack and remove infecting pathogens.

In each tube, sets of DNA strands, complementary to the DNA to be sequenced, are made. Synthesis of a strand stops when, at random, the modified form of the base is added. There are millions of copies of the DNA to be sequenced in each tube, and at the end of an hour or so, there are millions of copies of strands, each stopped What Is Biotechnology? when a modified base is added. At the end of the process, each tube (the A, T, C, and G tubes) will contain a mixture of many copies of different-sized products, the length of each determined by the location of that base.

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