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By Martin Bernal

Winner of the yankee e-book Award, 1990.

This quantity is the second one in a projected four-part sequence involved in the contest among historic versions for the origins of Greek civilization. The version present this present day is the Aryan version, in line with which Greek tradition arose because the results of the conquest from the north via Indo-European audio system or "Aryans" of the local "pre-Hellenes." the traditional version, which used to be the version maintained in Classical Greece, held that the local inhabitants of Greece had firstly been civilized by way of Egyptian and Phoenician colonists and that extra close to jap tradition have been brought to Greece by means of Greeks learning in Egypt and Southwest Asia. In those and later volumes, Martin Bernal proposes a Revised historical version. in keeping with this, the Indo-European points of Greek language and tradition may be famous as basic and the substantial non-Indo-European components will be noticeable mostly as Egyptian and Levantine additions to this basis.

Volume II is anxious with the archaeological and documentary proof for contacts among Egypt and the Levant at the one hand and the Aegean at the different, throughout the Bronze Age from c. 3400 B.C. to c. 1100 B.C. those methods are supplemented via details from later Greek myths, legends, spiritual cults, and language. the writer concludes that touch among the 2 areas used to be way more broad and influential than is usually believed. within the advent to this quantity, Bernal additionally responds to a few studies and criticisms of quantity I of Black Athena.

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