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By Nick Redfern

Are major numbers of humanity the manufactured from an old and complicated alien civilization? Have we, around the millennia, been periodically transformed and subtle as a species? in brief, has our genetic makeup been manipulated by way of otherworldly beings that view human civilization as one great lab experiment?

These are debatable and thought-provoking questions. also they are questions that call for solutions, solutions which can rather well be stumbled on via reading these humans whose blood variety is Rh negative.

The overwhelming majority of humankind--85 to ninety percent--is Rh optimistic, this means that a person's crimson blood cells include an antigen at once hooked up to the Rhesus monkey. This antigen is called the Rh factor.

Each and each primate in the world has this antigen, apart from one: the rest 10 to fifteen percentage of people. If the speculation of evolution is valid--that every one in every of us is descended from historic primates--shouldn't all of us be Rh confident? convinced, we must always. yet we aren't. The Negatives are in contrast to the remainder of us. they're different.

They are the original participants whose bloodline can have not anything below extraterrestrial origins.

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2. Rh factor--Miscellanea. 3. Civilization, Ancient--Extraterrestrial influences. I. Title. 942--dc23 2015010672 IMAGE CREDITS Image on page 17 courtesy of Wikimedia Commons. Image on page 26, F. Éditeur Sinnet, 1852. Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons. Image on page 37, Viktor M. Vasnetsov, 1883. Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons. Image on page 46, Hermann Schaaffhausen, 1888. Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons. Image on page 55, P. de Hondt, 1728. Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons. Image on page 66, George Frederic Watts, 1885.

Can we prove that nature was not the overriding factor in the Rh negative controversy? No. Can we make a very strong case that an outside force—one that had its origins on another world—was the party responsible for creating a unique, improved form of human? Most certainly, as you will now see. With all of the above now said, it’s time to take a look at the one group of people who—more than any other, anywhere on the planet—can accurately be termed the reigning negatives. They are the Basque people of Spain and France.

He added: What we’ve done is confirm that the mitochondrial DNA of Neanderthals and modern humans was so different that it forms powerful evidence that there was very little if any interbreeding between the two species. We have also got tantalizing evidence that the Neanderthals formed a small population and we can only speculate as to what happened to them. ). Dr. Richard Green, who was the brains behind the project, commented: “For the first time, we’ve built a sequence from ancient DNA that is essentially without error.

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