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Bones and muscle groups: An Illustrated Anatomy is 187 pages lengthy with a hundred and forty four full-color illustrations. it's the first anatomy textbook to be had in basic terms in book structure. it may be downloaded in entire or partially as a PDF dossier, or ordered as a CD at a fragment of the price of a standard clinical textbook.
Bones and muscle tissues makes a speciality of just one element of the human body--the origins and insertions of the voluntary muscle tissues. The structure is easy and uncluttered, with drawings at the correct and text--including activities, origins and insertions of the muscles--on the left. Translations of the names of the bones and muscular tissues from the Latin and Greek are supplied.
The writer and illustrator, Virginia Cantarella, is a well known clinical illustrator with 20 significant scientific texts to her credits, together with the vintage Aesthetic cosmetic surgery through Thomas Rees, M.D.
Here is what Rees has to assert approximately Bones and muscular tissues:
"The examine of anatomy is innately tough end result of the in-built "dryness" of the topic. The psychological workout required to memorize the main points is a run of the mill job at most sensible. In scientific university, i discovered the learn of Gray's Anatomy to be tedious past phrases. The illustrations weren't beautiful.
"This new paintings via Virginia Cantarella is a pride to the attention and makes the examine of anatomy a pleasure... She has married accuracy of element with artwork - a so much tough job. i used to be fortunate adequate to have Ms Cantarella's prone in illustrating variations of my texts AESTHETIC cosmetic surgery, of which i used to be the editor and writer. The readability and charm of her illustrations of surgical anatomy contributed a lot to the good fortune of those books which drew compliments from plastic surgeons from worldwide.
"I have came upon those anatomical plates and their accompanying textual content to be a pride to the attention and the brain. The anatomy is sort of incidental to the paintings. i feel this paintings becomes the vintage through which all destiny texts on anatomy should be measured. The paintings comes in handy for all employees within the box of well-being care even if a health care provider, nurse, paramedic, rehabilitation professional, or different well-being provider."
--Thomas D. Rees, M.D., F.A.C.S.
"Congratulations on a very good ebook. I'm inspired. i like to recommend it hugely for surgeons, chiropractors and and therapeutic massage therapists."
-- Dr. Michael Patipa, West Palm seashore, Florida
"Your illustrations are so transparent and special that we will be able to use them in instructing mom and dad on particular injuries/muscles."
-- Susan Shonbrun, PT from St. Joseph's health center, Tampa, Florida
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It assists in arm rotation and it pulls the arm backward and inward from an outward position. It also pulls the body up in climbing. It plays a part in breathing as well, it aids in that last puff of expiration just when you think you’ve finished breathing out. It is also active when playing a wind instrument. Starting wide and ending up by converging to a point it arises from a sheet of fascia known as an aponeurosis. You saw a tiny aponeurosis in the eye lid. This one is a broad sheet that arises along the vertebral column, from the spinous processes of the lower six thoracic vertebrae and from all of the lumbar vertebrae.

Mastoid Process • • • Anterior and Posterior Bellies The name digastric derives from the Greek di, meaning two and gastër, meaning bellies. DIGASTRIC M. Cantarella Bones and Muscles: An Illustrated Anatomy Head and Neck Illustration 16 THE STYLOID MUSCLE The styloid muscle is a slender muscle which arises from the styloid process of the temporal bone and passes straight down to insert on the body of the hyoid bone. If you look at the drawing of the skull’s side view, you can see the styloid process as a little finger of bone just below where the ear would be.

It joins together about one third of the way up its diagonally upward course to its point of insertion on the mastoid process. • • • Sternocleidomastoid M. Sterno is from the Latin sternum, meaning breastbone; cleido is from the Greek “pertaining to the clavicle,” and mastoid comes from the Greek word mastos, meaning nipple or breastlike. Cantarella Bones and Muscles: An Illustrated Anatomy Head and Neck Illustration 24 THE RECTUS CAPITIS LATERALIS AND THE RECTUS CAPITIS ANTERIOR MUSCLES Atlas Here you see two small muscles which form the deepest layer of the neck muscles: the rectus capitis lateralis muscle, and the rectus capitis anterior muscle.

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