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19 Dors. ext. ophthalmic v. 29 Auriculopalpebral n. 20 Malaris 30 Transverse facial a. and v. 21 Superior labial v. 31 Supf. temporal a. and v. 22 Levator labii superioris 32 Dorsal buccal br. of VII 34 Ventral masseteric v. 26 Buccinator 25 Depressor labii inferioris 28 V. of lower lip 27 Deep facial v. (See p. 39) 37 5. TRIGEMINAL N. , AND LYMPHATIC SYSTEM For the dissection of the temporalis and masseter the covering facial muscles and superficial nerves and vessels are removed. The masseter is removed in layers, showing its tough tendinous laminae, its almost horizontal and oblique fiber directions and its innervation by the masseteric n.

Dorsally, the facial n. gives off the auriculopalpebral n. (29), which divides into the rostral auricular brr. and the zygomatic br. The latter runs forward on the surface of the zygomatic arch to the eyelids and ends in palpebral brr. In the parotid gland the facial n. divides into dorsal and ventral buccal brr. The dorsal buccal br. (32) emerges at the ventral end of the parotid ln. under the parotid gland. It is joined by a large branch of the sensory auriculotemporal n. (V3, g) and courses toward the upper lip, supplying facial muscles and cutaneous sensation.

It is divided into a dorsal body and axial and abaxial crura (see text fig. p. 26). The subcutis is absent. The solear dermis (9) bears low transverse ridges topped by dermal papillae, with the result that the papillae are arranged in rows. The solear epidermis (3) contains horn tubules (15). V. Bulbar segment (Torus ungulae): The bulbar segment lies palmar/plantar to the sole and between its crura. It extends back to the haired skin. The subcutis forms the digital cushion, which distinguishes the bulb from the sole.

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