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Verbal Tone in Kuria

Within the contemporary previous, Bantu languages have performed asignificant position within the improvement of the speculation anddescription of linguistic tone. easily placed, the Bantufamily has supplied a trying out floor for the theoriesof tone. This learn used to be encouraged by way of the actual fact thatalthough Bantu languages have made a tremendouscontribution within the quarter of tone, it really is ironic thatthere remains to be shortage of knowledge on a few Bantulanguages akin to Kuria.

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Mass education, instead of the earlier clerical education aimed at only a few, was regarded as one of the means to achieve this, while at the same time the active participation of the community was sought. 17 This critique, however, only came with hindsight. At the time, many colonial officers were convinced that the new development and welfare approach would bring prosperity and well-being to the colonised populations. And many future nationalists then saw the future within the structures of colonialism and development, rather than opposing the terms.

Chapter  by geographical notions—the West, the North and the North Atlantic—and these terms are also used in this volume despite their obvious shortcomings. The history of the terms used for the people for whom development activities are meant is revealing in itself. Starting as ‘recipients’ or ‘beneficiaries of aid’ in the early phases of the Development Era, ‘target groups’ came to be used in the s to indicate that it was not countries themselves but specific groups within countries that were the focus of activities.

A socio-cultural history should, therefore, attempt an interpretation that combines policy changes and practical experiences, developments in the field, the world of high-level politics and general trends. This is no easy task, as combining factors in the realms of policy-making and organisational change with factors in the personal and local sphere is, to some extent, a contradictory enterprise. An institutional history of SNV presupposes introduction  interpreting those aspects that connect SNV’s history in a certain epoch.

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