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This can take the form of certificates, team awards, individual awards or just a heartfelt ‘thank you’ and ‘well done’. 32 2: The Stages of Team Development · Encourage members of the team to chair team meetings on a rotational basis. Like the ‘geese’ story, this means that everyone has a chance to take the lead. It provides a development opportunity for people in the team. · Set the team stretching goals. What more can they achieve? What goals would be motivating and attainable? · Ensure that all team members have a personal development plan.

To other people in the team who are not like this, the ideas person can appear unrealistic and impractical. Table 1: Roles people take in a team Recognising the different types Part of building an effective team is being able to recognise the different types in a team. The phrases below are 42 3: Roles People Play in a Team indicative and representative of different behaviour associated with different roles that people take in a team. Look at what is said and when and guess which team type this represents.

This encourages individual improvement and ultimately will help the team. · Regularly review the performance of the team and set targets for improvement. Build regular review time into your team meetings. · Encourage cross-functional team working, secondments and knowledge-sharing. Look for opportunities for team members to expand their skills and knowledge outside the group. In addition to the ideas I have outlined above, taking time out to hold a team-building event with the team is a good way of bonding.

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