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A suite of video games, tips, and puzzles which illustrate the services of a calculator.

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In 1734, he returned to Basel to lecture, first on botany and later on physiology—the only post he could get at the time. He would continue to correspond with Euler, who put many of Bernoulli’s physical insights into rigorous mathematical form. When Bernoulli and his father were declared joint winners of the Paris Academy’s Grand Prize that year, the father, enraged that his son had been judged his equal, broke off relations with him. Bernoulli stayed in Basel, barred from his father’s house. A year after publication of Hydrodynamica, his father published Hydraulica, based on his son’s work but written as if his son’s work had been based on his.

Thus, the Bernoulli effect, which governs fluid flow and has many applications, is a consequence of conservation of energy. Applied to aerodynamics, it explains how a moving wing whose cross section has the shape of an airfoil (curved on the top, flat on the bottom) experiences the lifting force that allows an airplane to fly. The curve of the wing is designed to create a faster flow of air over the top of the wing than over the bottom. As a result of the Bernoulli effect, the air pressure over the top of the wing is lower than the air pressure beneath the wing.

In 1935, he became the first physicist to use the QED formalism to determine the cross section (the probability) of elec- trons scattering on positrons—a phenomenon that is now known as Bhabha scattering. After this important work, Bhabha focused on the study of cosmic rays and, in a classic paper written with W. Heitler in 1937, suggested that the highly penetrating particles detected at ground level could not be electrons (nine years later these highly penetrating particles were in fact found to be mu mesons).

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