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By P P Dendy; Robert Tuffnell; C H B Mee; University of Cambridge. Local Examinations Syndicate

A e-book of questions, with labored suggestions, from A-level, 6th shape access (Cambridge) and S-level papers

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Franc¸ois Jacob, 1965 Nobel Laureate The notion that living species of animals and plants are immutable is probably as old as humankind. A casual observation of the natural world does not readily suggest that species evolve or, for that matter, that the surface of our planet also changes over time. This is because human life spans are too short to witness these events directly, except in cases of catastrophic volcanic explosions and earthquakes. Nevertheless, the concept that lifeforms could evolve may first have been formulated in ancient Greece by the sophist Empedocles.

Often, origin myths reflect a peoples’ view of nature and their place within it. For example, anthropologist William Haviland discusses how an origin myth among the Abenaki (an indigenous group in New England and Canada) reflects the Abenaki cultural idea of the unity among all living things. In this myth, a supernatural being, Tabaldak, created all life. As for humans in particular, at first he mistakenly tried to make them out of stone, but this did not work because it left their hearts too cold.

Nor do scientific concepts and methods belong in the world of religious faith. Why is it that some people want to merge the two, in spite of countless unsuccessful attempts in the past centuries? 6. Monotheistic religious fundamentalism seems to be at the root of both creationism and ID. Thus, these movements do not represent the majority view of the great world religions. 7. Of the five major world religions examined in this book, only Buddhism and Hinduism seem united in their acceptance of evolution.

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