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By Liz Maverick

The place are all of the solid males? Marianne and her ally, Bijoux, are demise to grasp. seems they have been holed up round card tables, enjoying Texas carry 'em. So Marianne and Bijoux make a decision it is time to up the ante and get in at the motion. yet they by no means imagined that Marianne might have a heavily proficient poker participant lurking inside of her. and everybody is aware what they are saying approximately fortunate in cards...

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Ass implants. I’m sure of it,” she whispered. Bijoux exhaled deeply, still trying to catch her breath. “You should have said something. ” “I thought he was more your type,” Marianne said. ” “That’s what you’re for,” Bijoux wheezed out. ” Marianne just gave her look. “Oh, God. This is so not going well for me,” Bijoux said. “I’m going to throw up or pass out. ” She hunched over the handlebars of the workout bicycle, pedaling sloppily. “I don’t even want to meet someone anymore. I’m all gross. ” “Well, stop working out so hard.

Bijoux asked. “No and yes. ” “This has got to stop,” Bijoux said. “Right. This has got to stop. If I don’t make a clean break with Donny I will never really get off my ass and go find my true soul mate . . or whatever. So, did you get the SportsClub passes? ” “Did she? Fantastic. Because I got ’em. ” “Will do,” Marianne said. “And I’m serious this time. ” There was a pause on the other end of the line. “Sure, Marianne. , Marianne thought as she looked around the carefully maintained workout space.

How demoralizing! How . . male. Donny grabbed his clothes off the floor and headed for the bathroom. With his hand on the doorknob he suddenly stopped and looked over his shoulder. “Well, we’re not committed or anything. . ” Marianne blinked at his retreating form. “Nope. ” Donny came out of the bathroom, his hair wet and standing on end from the shower. He came up to the bed and pulled the comforter up to Marianne’s chin and gave her a big, loud smooch on the mouth. ” Marianne lay there, listening to the door slam behind him and the distinct percussion of his feet down her apartment stairs.

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