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By S. J. B. Barnish

Cassiodorus (c.485–585), Roman senator and consul, served in numerous excessive places of work from c.505 to c.538, less than the kings of the Ostrogoths, who had inherited the imperial management of Italy. For lengthy classes the Goths’ leader publicist, he compiled the country papers he had drafted, as their regime crumbled less than Byzantine assault. this feature is the 1st translation to seem due to the fact that 1886." ... very good and valuable ..."—Classical overview

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Why, you were a loyal subject at the very outset of my reign: when the hearts of the provincials were going astray in those uncertain conditions, and sheer novelty allowed contempt for an untried master, you diverted from rash resistance the minds of mistrustful Sicilians, preventing their crime, and my need to punish it. I 4. Wholesome persuasion, not stem vengeance, put matters right. You averted a fine from a province, which, in its loyalty, deserved to avoid it.

As soon as I begin, I am harassed and shouted at, and business, not to be too meticulous, goes on with excessive speed. One man loads me with the number of his detestable appeals; another punishes me with the mass of his miseries; others besiege me with the frenzied riot of their disputes. 5. Why do you demand the eloquence of official composition amongst all this, when I can scarcely keep up the supply of words? Even my nights are beset by complex anxieties, lest the cities should lack their food supply.

21-2, 31, 42. 135 (Opusc. 3); cf. , 85, 168, for Leo and Laconius, counsellors of kings Euric and Gundobad. 17 Cf. 135. •5 Cassio_Variae_1_pxxxi-8 11 8/17/05, 12:05 PM xlii THE VARIAE OF CASSIODORUS against an opponent of higher rank or power. This may be partly the result of Cassiodorus' editing, but emperors had always been expected to prove amenable to requests. Of all imperial legislators, Majorian (457-61), who had made determined efforts to protect the lesser gentry and lower orders, is most frequently cited in the Variae.

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