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By Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

Non secular lifestyles is a strategy of internal transformation during which the full psychic constitution of the seeker is modified. Exploring the edge among psychology and spirituality, Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee indicates how dreamwork publications us in this internal trip and is helping us to appreciate the several phases of the trail. He explores the mental dynamics of the connection with the trainer, so frequently misunderstood within the West, after which describes what's rarely pointed out within the nice religious literature of the area: how the soul of the disciple merges with the soul of the trainer. This ebook is a reedited model of the decision and the Echo, mixed with one of the most very important fabric from the author's first booklet, the sweetheart and the Serpent

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Dhû-l-Nûn,” he said, gazing at me, “take your hand from me. The Friend is watching from the zenith of might and majesty. 3 Sometimes we try to run away from this pain, hide ourselves in other corners of our life. 4 33 Catching the Thread But once the Great Lover has looked into our heart and planted His longing there, however far we flee from Him we carry within us our own deepest secret: that He wants us for Himself. Still we try to hide from Him because we know in our heart what it means, we know the price we must pay; we know the loneliness and the pain.

I am driving into the sun and cannot see. The road curves to the right but I go straight on. SECOND DREAM: Beside me sits an American Indian in dhyana meditation. The sun in the sky is coming towards us. 46 The Feminine Side of Love The first dream images a masculine, goal-oriented approach to spiritual life. The dreamer is driving as fast as he can into the sun. ” The attitude in the second dream is very different; it is imaged by an American Indian sitting in dhyana. Dhyana is the meditation of the heart practiced on this Sufi path.

He represents her animus, the masculine aspect of a woman’s psyche, which provides her with the inner strength necessary to contain the processes of transformation. The animus is the figure which mediates between the inner world of the feminine and the external world; thus his positive support will enable her to integrate her inner experiences into the fabric of everyday life. In the final image of the dream a young girl comes and asks the dreamer to help her have this experience. But the dreamer just points at her heart and says “It’s all in there.

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