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By Israel Regardie

• creation from famous Golden sunrise pupil Pat Zalewski• contains the outlet of the Watchtower Ritual for Self TransformationThe right operating of formality is on the center of the Western magical culture. This e-book exhibits precisely how ceremonial concepts can be utilized to pay attention and harness the big psychic and religious capability of human awareness. Dr. Regardie’s distinct research and outline of key rituals are according to his personal huge adventure and his wisdom of Golden sunrise recommendations. as well as delivering sensible directions on gowns, ritual apparatus and decor, he additionally hyperlinks present occult perform to broader ancient precedents

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Speak to us also in the murmur of the limpid waters, and we shall desire Thy love. Lead us unto immortality through sacrifice, that we may be found worthy to offer one day unto Thee, the water, the blood and the tears for the remission of sins. ' 12. Replace the Cup. Walk clockwise to the East oj the Altar, and take up the Fan or Air symbol, shake thrice in front oj the Tablet, circumambulatin~, sayin~: 13. ' 14. On reachin~ East, strike Air weapon in Jront oj the Tablet or Si~il three times, sayin~: 15.

200, the papyri exhibit traces of the influence of Greek, Hebrew, and Syrian philosophers and magicians. • At this point, Budge quotes the Bornless Ritual at length, using of course the Goodwin version. In this passage, he goes on to write: 'Osoronnophris is clearly a corruption of the old Egyptian names of the great god of the dead .. Anser U nnefer", and Paphro seems to represent the Egyptian Per-aa (literally "great house") or 60 CEREMONIAL MAGIC "Pharoah", with the article pa, "the", prefixed.

Assume Air si~n, and say: 'Spirit of Life, Spirit of Wisdom, whose breath giveth forth and withdra weth the form of all things. We praise Thee and we bless Thee in the changeless empire of created light, of shades, of reflections and of images. And we aspire without cessation unto thy immutable and imperishable brilliance. Let the ray of Thy intelligence and warmth of Thy love penetrate even unto us. And no more shall we be swept away by the tempest, but we shall hold the bridles of the winged steeds of dawn.

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