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This booklet covers the latest medical and technological advancements (state-of-the-art) within the box of chemical oxidation methods acceptable for the effective therapy of biologically-difficult-to-degrade, poisonous and/or recalcitrant effluents originating from various production strategies. it's a entire evaluation of method and toxins profiles in addition to traditional, complex and emerging Read more...


This ebook covers the newest clinical and technological advancements (state-of-the-art) within the box of chemical oxidation strategies acceptable for the effective remedy of Read more...

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S. and Xie, R. J. (2005) Destruction of organic pollutants in reusable wastewater using advanced oxidation technology. Chemosphere 59, 441–445. Zhou, H. W. (2001) Advanced technologies in water and wastewater treatment. Can. J. Civ. Eng. 28, S49–S66. 1 Introductıon The Chinese began cultivating silkworms and made fine silk garments around 2700 BCE; Egyptians were wrapping their mummies in fine linen cloth as early as 2500 BCE, whereas remains of woollen textiles dating far back as 6000 BCE have been found.

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Although dyes are usually non-toxic, their metabolites may create serious ecotoxicological and health risks associated with the azo-, nitro-, sulphonateand phenyl- functional groups in their structures. Some anaerobic metabolites (aromatic amines) have been declared as potentially toxic and carcinogenic (UNEP 1998). The major environmental concern in the textile industry is about the amount of water being discharged as well as its chemical content and load. Other important issues are energy consumption, air emissions, solid wastes and odours.

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