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Verbal Tone in Kuria

Within the contemporary prior, Bantu languages have performed asignificant position within the improvement of the idea anddescription of linguistic tone. easily positioned, the Bantufamily has supplied a trying out floor for the theoriesof tone. This learn was once stimulated through the actual fact thatalthough Bantu languages have made a tremendouscontribution within the quarter of tone, it really is ironic thatthere continues to be shortage of data on a few Bantulanguages resembling Kuria.

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He was a boy any girl would be proud to introduce to her parents. “Uh . . ” said Jane carefully. “Hello, Stan,” said Mrs. Purdy warmly, and Jane was proud of her. “How do you do, Mrs. ” Stan answered. 56 The anxiety that had tormented Jane all afternoon now began to fade. ” Mr. Purdy rose from his chair and extended his hand. Stan stepped forward to shake hands and, as Jane watched helplessly, seeing what was about to happen, he trod squarely on Sir Puss’s rubber mouse. The mouse gave out a piercing squeak.

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